Fact Sheet - Questions & Answers

New Zoning Regulations 
Adopted by Lebanon Voters on March 12, 2013

Sections 201 & 201.8: 
Q.Where can I place a shed on my property?
Q. Do I still need to obtain a permit for a shed?

Sections 204 & 215:
Q: How does this new regulation affect my property?
Q: Will this affect an existing situation?

Sections 309.1, 309.2 & 601:
Q: How will the changes to the residential-two zoning district affect me?
Q: Will this allow restaurants and retail stores in the residential-two zone?

Section 611:
Q: Will I be able to keep chickens in my backyard in downtown Lebanon?
Q: What about roosters? Where can they be located in Lebanon?

Q: Will this allow my neighbors to install wind and/or solar energy generating equipment next to my home?
Q: Will this allow commercial wind or solar farms to produce and sell electricity?
Q: Will these amendments restrict what I can do with my property?
Q: What about my existing home?
Q: Doesn't the State of New Hampshire already regulate riverbanks?
Q: If I have an existing lawn or cleared view that is maintained, will I be allowed to continue to keep this same area clear?
Q: Will everyone in Lebanon have the ability to install an accessory dwelling unit?
Q: Does the owner of the property have to occupy one of the dwelling units?
Q: How will I know if my next door neighbor is installing an accessory dwelling unit?