What is a Master Plan?

A Master Plan is a public policy duly adopted by a municipality to manage physical and socioeconomic development. Being duly adopted, the Master Plan is an official, legal document expressing policy; however, it is not a regulatory document.

The City of Lebanon's Master Plan will be pro-active in composition, that is, it will establish an action program that the city will strive to accomplish. The Master Plan will express clear direction and purpose so that people will have little doubt as to what Lebanon desires relative to physical and socioeconomic development. 

Through the Master Plan, the City of Lebanon will present a collective philosophy stated through its action program. As daily issues arise in the future they are judged against this collective philosophy of what has been deemed to be desirable development. It will be the basis for zoning, subdivision, and site regulation; for the annual capital improvement program; and, for development plans. It will provide the rational nexus for the City's regulatory and non-regulatory programs which is especially important should these programs and regulations be scrutinized by the Courts at a later date. 

In essence, the Plan will be the foundation for the management of development. The Master Plan will allow Lebanon to look ahead to a collective vision. It will allow Lebanon to anticipate rather than to react to development; to coordinate rather than to compete with development. It will allow for decisions based on a shared, collective philosophy.